Bringing The Past To The Future

Well hello Faithful Reader from The Future!!!!

Since this is such a new blog and I haven’t yet developed the rabidly devoted coterie of fans who will one day swamp the WordPress server with their requests to access my personal blog therefore causing a chain reaction of events which shall surely plunge us into a new Dark Age!!!  I can only assume that you are some pre-collapse fan or, very likely, a post-collapse archeologist unearthing the musty storage drives of  “Our Great And Holy Internets©☪€✞♲$®✡☦”!!!!!!

Therefore it is in the interest of a complete picture that I will be occasionally publishing blogs from my archives.  I have for a little time now been maintaing a blog over on MySpace, which has become both unwieldy and I’m afraid, uncool.  Also I occasionally (okay, often….) spend waaaaay too much time crafting my responses to those dumb-ass Facebook Memes.  I will, every so often, be including both these and writings from many years worth of handwritten (GASP!!) notebooks here.  Not all of the ideas expressed are ones which I still hold in exactly the sane regard.  But I include them in order to provide the most complete picture possible of where I have been and how I got to where I am today.  Idea-wise at least.

That said, thanks for reading!  I appreciate your voyeuristic tendencies!!  Enjoy!


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