A useful handgathered assortment of links for more info about Dr. Kenneth Zucker

A new friend of mine recently asked me this great question and I thought as the author of “Ask A TransWoman” it would be helpful to share my answer with the rest of you.

“I know that Kenneth Zucker is going to be one of the people revising the DSM-V. This of course is not good news for the LGBT community. I was wondering if there was a counter reaction towards Mr. Zucker’s beliefs, and how he would like to catagorize LGBT community as being mentally ill….. {a friend} explained to me that you would be a good resource to start, so I was hoping that you might be able to point me towards the right direction.”

This is one of the biggest issues for the transgender community right now and yes, there has been a tremendous reaction in the community.
The things Mr. Zucker tries to do to transgender kids and that he previously did to the Gay and Lesbian Communities are shameful and no one I know believes he is a person that should have anything to do with the revision of the DSM-IV (to release the DSM-V).
I have a lot more to say but a lot of it would simply be rhetoric. However, allow me to point you in some more distinctly informative directions.

My friend and employer, psychologist Dr. Shelley Janiczek Woodson has been an active and vocal opponent of Dr. Zucker and his policies. Here is an excellent open letter she wrote to request his resignation as Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders Chair for the DSM-V. The site it’s hosted on, Andrea James’ “Transsexual Road Map” is an excellent resource in itself for info about transpeople in general and the controversy over Dr. Zucker specifically.

Also here is a link to an episode of the excellent podcast “Trans-Ponder”. Trans-Ponder is a podcast by two absolutely, fantastic, geeky, smart and fun transgender women who are married to each other and regularly have great trans community guests on their show. I’m a regular listener and a fan! in this episode they discuss some of Dr. Zucker’s recent tactics.

Finally here’s a piece of video from LGBT newsite “Pam’s House Blend” of my own former MD, Madeline Deutch speaking at the GID Reform Now protest at the American Psychiatric Association 2009 Annual Meeting.

Hope some of this points you in the right direction.


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