The People Of The Book (DJ Erisis Sacred Sounds Mashup)

This is a mashup I made some time ago.  When I first heard the Muslim Call To Prayer (or at least really listened to it) I was inspired by how beautiful it was.  It kept rolling around in my head for some time and I realized that it reminded me a great deal of other sacred sounds I was familiar with from the Christian and Jewish traditions.

Realizing this, I wanted to find a way to express those echoes.  To show how these separate faiths which all derive from shared roots, retain however a great deal of harmonic synthesis.  The three are one.

I have been hesitant to share this however out of a desire not show disrespect to any of the faiths represented here.  The recent uprisings in Egypt however, and their cross-faith solidarity, inspired me to share this.  I do hope you find it as beautiful as I do.

Click the link to my Podomatic blog to hear it:

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