Time To Stand Together

I‘m going to say something here that is bound to get me in trouble.  I believe that not only do trans people of all types need to band together in a unified “transgender” movement, despite our individual differences.  I also believe we have an important place in the larger LGBT movement.  Not only that, but I believe we must find ways to support and band with larger movements for social justice and freedom all around the world.

Taking it to the streets

The time is NOW!

If we want trans rights now, we need to speak out with the strikers in Wisconsin.  If we demand our basic freedom, we need to support the free peoples of Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Yemen and Bahrain.  If we want to end oppression of trans people, we must work to end oppression wherever it may be found.  We should concern ourselves with the plight of the poor and the powerless on the streets of New York; in the mountains of Appalachia; and in the fields of Afghanistan.

If you are saying to yourself right now, “But why should I concern myself with all of these other problems?  I have my own problems.”  Then you have answered your own question.  This is the very attitude we, as transpeople are up against.  Most folks don’t hate us, they just don’t see why they should be bothered to help.  They have their own problems.  And everything they hear and read and watch encourages this individual focus.

If we have learned anything from the recent actions in the Middle East and Africa, it is that change will only ever happen when the people band together.  When we set aside individual concerns and turn out in numbers to demand freedom for all our Brothers and Sisters.  We saw it in Egypt when bands of Christians stood and protected their Muslim allies as they prayed.  We are seeing it in Wisconsin in the crowds that flood the Capital to say no to an unjust policy that will do nothing but hurt their neighbors.  We see it anywhere people help each other out, simply because there is need.

We must remember that the fight for trans rights is the fight for human rights.  We can either stand together and march towards victory or stand apart and suffer under the fists of oppression.

The time is now.  Together we may succeed.


8 Responses to “Time To Stand Together”

  1. February 20, 2011 at 8:59 pm

    YES YES YES YES YES. A million times yes. You are fabulous. ♥

  2. 2 Rachel Ann Maton
    February 20, 2011 at 9:33 pm

    Absolutely, I am at this time struggling to prepare for a seven day employment tribunal involving alleged discrimination by a DWP training provider under section 14 SDA.

    I have made it through two case management discussions and achieved the above with nothing but help with transport plus moral support from dear friends and sporadic legal advice from ECHR.

    I am also obliged to The Employment Judge sitting at last CMD for her patience and expertise in dealing with an unrepresented claimant opposed by a legal team of FIVE, including a barrister!

    This (if it is not settled by Judicial or other mediation) could very well be a test case. But I may be forced to the former as I am at the end of my emotional and material resources.

    How much help and support have I had from the various self promoting LGBT groups and “activists”?

    NONE, That MUST change or Trans people will continue to be marginalised, pathologised and consequently discriminated against with impunity!

    Less talk, more ACTION!

  3. 3 Fab Karen
    February 20, 2011 at 10:05 pm

    Right on. United we stand, divided we fall. Those that hate us and want to drag things backward in time don’t want us joining together to fight for equality & freedom.

  4. February 21, 2011 at 4:15 am

    Very well said! Supporting freedom and human rights for all people everywhere should never get you in trouble. And even if it does, you’re supporting a just cause, so you are justified. We all need to speak out in support of freedom and full rights for all!

  5. 7 Sissy Chrissie
    October 23, 2011 at 3:58 pm

    I don’t know how or why that would get you into any trouble. Its truth should be self evident to anyone with an IQ above that of a rock.

    Congratulations on your courage, your dedication and your integrity. As a sissy crossdresser, someone admittedly far on the spectrum from where you are, I stand with you and fully honor each of your sentiments.


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